Noria Golf Club rated best golf club in Morocco

The rankings of the best golf clubs and courses in Morocco according to golfers, the Golfers' Choice Awards 2016, are known!

Golfers have awarded Noria Golf Club with the title of best golf club of Morocco in 2016, with an average rating of 8,73. The Golfers' Choice rankings are compiled based on 300,000 reviews from golfers across Europe on

Noria Golf Club wins inaugural Golfers' Choice Award in Morocco
Over 250,000 golfers visit each month. Based on their rankings, Noria Golf Club, with an average rating of 8,73, has been voted 'best golf club overall' in Morocco in the Golfers' Choice Rankings. The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

Noria Golf Club at Domaine de Noria in Marrakech, Morocco, is a par-72, eighteen-hole championship golf course which is very well balanced in terms of length and difficulty. It winds through olive orchards, lavender fields and desert landscapes before making a dynamic, parallel finish along a formal reflecting pool with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and a dramatic, beautiful clubhouse providing a stunning backdrop. The noria is a traditional Moroccan landscape feature and has been incorporated into the golf course design on the 15th hole, hence the name, Noria Golf Club.

"We are so proud and very happy that Noria Golf Club has been voted No.1 of Morocco in the Golfers' Choice Awards 2016", says Estelle Boissieu, Directrice of Golf Noria Golf Club. "Consequently, we would like to thank golfers for their trust and sportsmanship and tell them to feel free giving recommendations and remarks in order to improve our services. We have a young golf course and an equally new clubhouse for sure, but the team is working hard to ensure the best quality to our members and visitors."

The number number 2 in the rankings is Assoufid Golf Club. Assoufid Golf Club’s design vision was to create a desert-style course, integrated into the unique existing landscape while maximizing the scenic views of the Atlas Mountains to the south. Users rate Assoufid with an 8,49. Golf de Mogador is third in the rankings. Samanah Golf is rated as 4th best club of Morocco and Tazegzout Golf at Taghazout Bay completes the top-5.

Noria Golf Club also has the best golf course
When golfers only rate the course itself - so without looking at other elements, such as the appreciation for the clubhouse and practice facilities - golfers again choose Noria Golf Club as their number 1. The course measures 6,589 metres (7,206 yards) from the professional tees. Amateurs will find enjoyment and challenge at one of the four alternate lengths that range from 4,579 metres (5,008 yards) up to 6,116 metres (6.689 yards). The golf course at Noria Golf Club receives a rating of 8,96. The Parcours Nord (Essaouira Mogador) of Golf de Mogador comes second in this ranking. The course is part of a property which is spread over 580 hectares at only 3 km from the old town of Essaouira. The course gets a rating of 8,62. Number 3 in this ranking is Assoufid Golf Club. This Marrakech golf course featuring palm trees, cacti and olive trees is rated with a 8,47.

Assoufid Golf Club: good value for money
If you are price conscious golfer, then Assoufid Golf Club is a great choice. With a greenfee of € 77,- it offers great value for money. If only the price-quality ratio is taken into account, then Assoufid Golf Club scores an 8,01 and leads the Best Price / Quality rankings. Samanah Golf comes 2nd in the ranking with a 7,63 and Tazegzout Golf at Taghazout Bay is 3rd with an 7,56.

Hospitality important for Noria Golf Club
Not only the quality of the golf course, but also the service level and customer satisfaction are important for the experience of the golfer. When it comes to hospitality, Noria Golf Club does a terrific job. They score an 8,96. Runner-up is Assoufid Golf Club with a 8,41 and Golf de Mogador completes the top-3 with an 8,69.

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"We are so proud and very happy that Noria Golf Club has been voted No.1 of Morocco in the Golfers' Choice Awards 2016" Estelle Boissieu, Directrice of Golf Noria Golf Club
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