Leadingcourses.com and Golftravelguide.com sign partnership

By collaborating both parties aim to provide better course and club information, while providing golfers with even more reliable ratings and rankings.



Leadingcourses.com and Golftravelguide.com sign partnership

(Utrecht / Soest The Netherlands , August 26 2015) The golf course review websites Leadingcourses.com and Golftravelguide.com have recently signed a cooperation agreement. By collaborating both parties aim to provide better course and club information, while providing golfers with even more reliable ratings and rankings.

More and more golfers use review websites like Leadingcourses.com and Golftravelguide.com to decide where to play next or where to plan their next golf trip. Both sites are partly responsible for this new trend and aim to inform golfers about the ins and outs of golf courses throughout the world. Based on course reviews written by fellow golfers, people get an impression and accurate picture of what to expect at a golf club. Review websites also help golfers to determine if a certain golf club is suitable for them, based on their handicap and the facilities available. By joining forces, both companies can focus on their strengths and further optimize their service towards golfers.

Growth strategy - For Leadingcourses.com, European market leader in golf course reviews, this cooperation is a logical step in its growth strategy. Jeroen Korving, General Manager at Leadingcourses.com: "Our review system is already highly scalable, robust and multilingual. We value genuine reviews and to ensure that we have several checks and balances in place. Moreover, before a review is approved, it has to be manually checked by our content team. By increasing the number of reviews running through our platform, we can make our investment more profitable while allowing us to further invest in our technology. For us it is not necessary for golfers to write their review on our site, as long as they write them via our system and widgets. This will allow us to grow further and provide golfers throughout the world with even better ratings.”

Leadingcourses.com already powers several tourist boards with course information and ratings and recently also partnered with the Dutch Golf Federation (on Golf.nl). “We expect to be able to announce even more strategic partnerships in the near future, " said Jeroen Korving. “If it feels right and if we can help the other company and a lot of other golfers, then we will certainly go for it.”

Timesaver - For Golftravelguide.com this cooperation is a conscious choice. Lia Grooters, founder of the website, says that the collaboration will save a lot of time and money. "The moderation of reviews takes time, that will now be done by the content team of Leadingcourses.com which has several advanced techniques and built-in checks to prevent false reviews. Through our partnership we do not have to invest time and money, "says Grooters and we will also be able to provide golfers with more reviews and better data. Hardly anything will really change for the visitors of Golftravelguide.com. The look and feel of the website will remain the same. The only real difference is that users will have to login when they want to post a review.”

Currently the technical teams are working hard to exchange data, reviews and to implement the new review system.

About Leadingcourses.com - Leadingcourses.com offers golfers an online platform with over 265,000 reviews of over 19,000 golf clubs and 23,000 courses in the world. Leadingcourses.com is available in 8 languages and has over 200,000 visitors each month. The site has a very active community. The website is an initiative of three entrepreneurs with sports marketing agency TIGSports. TIGSports is known as promoter and organizer of (golf) tournaments such as the KLM Open (European Tour) , the Senior Open and the Deloitte Ladies Open (LET).

About Golftravelguide.com - Golftravelguide.com started as a golf travel portal 10 years ago. The website provides information about courses and golf destinations. In addition to reviews, visitors also receive editorial information about golf destinations. The website is also available in Dutch (Golfreiswijzer.nl).


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"“If it feels right and if we can help the other company and a lot of other golfers, then we will certainly go for it.”" Jeroen Korving (Leadingcourses.com)
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